Thursday, 22 August 2019

MP Elections Brexit method 2019

Tusk has proclaimed there’ll be a session on article fifty – the Brexit method – at this week’s meeting of the ecu council in Belgian capital. Downing Street remains in consultations regarding what that’s seemingly to entail, however could are keen to create the case on to EU leaders that she wants extra reassurances.

Downing Street has not dominated out seeking to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement – Associate in Nursing possibility that’s categorically rejected by Juncker – however is evident that it may have disadvantages, reopening alternative fraught problems like fishing rights or foreland.

Instead No ten seems to be seeking non-legally binding reassurances, although May’s spokesperson, ringing a phrase employed by Labour to characterise its own hard Brexit position, said: “No choices square measure off the table.”

He pointedly refused to reject criticisms by the Andrea Leadsom of the role contend by the Speaker, John Bercow, in shaping the Brexit discussion. The leader of the Commons suspect Bercow of being biased.

“Established convention is that the Speaker should stay politically impartial in the least times. It’s for the house to work out whether or not or not this can be the case,” the spokesperson aforesaid.

Leadsom told BBC Radio 4’s these days programme: “He’s [Bercow] created his views on Brexit on the record, and therefore the downside therewith in fact is that the chair’s nonpartisanship is totally essential.”
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